Frequently Asked Questions

” While the work of shamans encompasses virtually the full gamut of known spiritual practices, shamanism is universally characterized by an intentional change in consciousness to engage in purposeful two-way interaction with Spirits. Its most distinctive feature, which is not universal, is the out-o-body journey to other world. What all shamans do share is disciplined interaction with Spirits in nonordinary reality to help and to heal other. Both in traditional indigenous settings and in contempary society,shaman work within a holistic framework. They adress the spiritual side af illness in a complementary relationship with the nonspiritual treatment of illness and injury.” Michaël Harner, Cave and Cosmos
You do not decide to become shaman, your guides invite you to do if you need to serve the community. And we don’t call ourselves shaman but we are so named by our patients and/or our students.

Core Shamanism consists of the universal, near univesal and common features of shamanism, together with journeys to other worlds, a distinguishing feature of shamanism. See also Michaël Harner, Cave and Cosmos. Core shamanism was originated researched and developed by Michaël Harner. Training in core shamanism includes teaching students to alter their consciousness thought classic shamanic, non-drug techniques such a sonic driving, especially in the  form of repetitive drumming, so that they can discover their own hidden spirital ressources, transform their lives and learn how to help themselves first and the others.

Yes ! Over the last several decades of the Foundation of Shamanic Studies, ten of thousands of students have successfully learned to journey and practice core shamanic methods to provide shamanic healing in their communities. Since the West overwhelmingly lost its shamanic knowledge centuries ago due to religious oppression, the Foundation’s programs in core shamamism are particularly intended for Westerners to reacquire access to their rightful spiritual heritage through quality workshops. ” For most Westerners learning and practicing core shamanism, including shamanic journeying, is a for more productive approach than imitating a shaman’s practices in a single culture, for each culture ha its own symbolism, mythology and conceptual elaborations. If that is not your own culture, then those elaborations, specializations and meanings will not be appropriate for you in the way they are appropriate for that particular indigenous people.” See Michaël Harner, Cave and Cosmos. Shamanism is an evolutionary path and maybe it’s time to go in its multidimensional aspect. According to my own experience and works (see my advanced workshops other than those of core shamanism) we are asked to work in a dimension adapted to the current evolution of humanity.

No, we are able to fully interact with helping spirits in nonordinary reality when offering help and healing and yet be grounded and present in this reality in order to bring that healing power here. Practicioners must have training and discipline along with strong connections to helping spirits to be effective.

Yes. It’s the essential preparation for advanced workshops and it’s also necessary to providing a quality experience for all participants, as then all students come from a common basis and understanding. Some of them take the basic workshop more than once to improve their knowledge and abilities. It’s the way of impeccability.

All of the workshop are weekend workshop (except The Special Kids and on demand) ; hours may vary slightly depending on the course and the group but usually start on Saturday and Sunday at around 09.00/10.00 am and end at approximately 05.30/06.00 pm with an hour lunch break.

For all workshops, a drum and/or rattle, an eye covering and a notebook and pen are recommended. We practice on the floor so bring your carpet mat, a blanket, a pillow (some place make this material available)and wear confortable clothes.

The shamanism’s journey, sometimes called the magic flight or soul journey, to the worlds above and below is a distinctive aspect of shamanism compared to other spiritual traditions. The main purpose of these journeys is to obtain extraordinary knowledge and help from the other words for oneself. A guided visualization is not à shamanic journey.