Dogane Varga is a trained shamanic practitioner and teacher, following the lineage of Michaël Harner.
Filled with rare humility and unyielding excellence, she has shared the principles of this sacred teaching by offering conferences and seminars for several years across many continents.
She unreservedly conveys how practicing this ancestral Tradition allowed her to survive in the midst of this Humanity that she did definitely not feel as home, and how she managed to turn the Unthinkable into Acceptable then, the Acceptable into Remarkable, through her absolutely unique and moving Life Path.
Where no science seems to heal, she speaks for the journey of Healing and Understanding.
Drawing on a substantially diverse and chaotic life experience, she embodies the Resilience longed-for by every tortured soul and becomes the bearer of a rediscovered Magnificence.
The shamanic credo of “You are the one who sees” implies that her genuine Faith came into being only through her experiences and that she offers to share what she is delighted to have received, through the healing and the trainings she provides.


1986: Initiation to regressive hypnosis by Richard Duquesne, author of “Le Testament de Noë”

2003: Training in Shamanism by Jacqueline Libert, trained by Claude Poncelet, physicist; himself trained by Michaël Harner, anthropologist and founder of the Foundation for Shamanic Studies. Stemming from this fourth generation of practitioners, she has been leading, since 2015 the four workshops originating from this Core Shamanism (Basis Workshop, Soul Retrieval Training, Extraction Healing and Psychopomp).

2007: Training in Energy Rebalancing by Daniel Schröder

2010: Initiation to the Violet Flame by Rodolphe Arnassalon

2012/2015: Initiation to the Sacred Rays by Joéliah

2016: Official facilitator of the Circles of Forgiveness, trained by Olivier Clerc, founder of the Path of Forgiveness


2012: Created the shamanic workshop “The Sacred Reliance”

2015: Created the shamanic workshop “Shadows and Lights”

2018: Created the shamanic workshop “The Path of the Dragon”


Author of :
1998 And if you’ll die tomorrow ?
1998 Mongolito & Co
2021 Because there is always good God for bad bitches