Healthings & Rituals


Rituals are offered to people who respect ancient traditions and wish to honor certain transitions of their life differently. Often requested by shamanic practitioners, they are not however reserved only for them. It is therefore with pleasure, that I accompany certain significant passages such as births, weddings and funerals.


Individual healings are energy healings that are no substitute to medical healing. Shamanic healing intervenes in the holistic aspect of the disease and will act beyond the possible limits of other therapies. It is a question for me of turning “the inexplicable” into manageable and adjustable.

The re-harmonization of lands healing. When the memory of the ground and stones comes forward, some lives can be impacted. Whether it is us, our children, animals or even the disrupted surrounding vegetation, strange or different phenomena and behavior sleep disturbance, vitality loss, extreme fatigue, aggressiveness or permanent conflicts in these places often indicate an invite to re-harmonize them.