Essence and Ethics of this Path:

Mircéa Eliade, who has been an authority in the field of primitive Shamanism, explains very well in his work
“Shamanism and the archaic techniques of ecstasy”, how this primary spiritual path of humanity, inherent in all
indigenous cultures, was condemned, eradicated in all civilizations by the governing powers, whether religious
and/or political. He also reminds us not to forget that each culture is imbued with symbolism, mythology and a
conceptual system specific to it, so if this culture is not yours, certain specificities and their meanings will not
make sense to you. If Shamanism is still relevant today, it is because it has been able to
withstand time, adjust to all civilizations, and evolve according to us and the Space-Time in which we were

The cultural matrices, the ancient traditions and their RIGHT representatives have my deep respect and my
gratitude, the fact remains however, that I choose to speak for Core Shamanism, the Essential Shamanism of
Michaël Harner which according to me, evolved hand in hand with my teachings towards this Path that I have
named, the Path of the Dragon. The Path of the Dragon is that of Recognition, Authenticity, Forgiveness and
Emancipation from our Shadows. This shamanic practice which allows us, while respecting the ancestral
traditions from which we originate, to get out and/or to develop certain matrices that have become obsolete.
The work that I propose can only be done along with the drum sound and there will be neither taking of
hallucinogenic plants (reserved for certain initiates as part of very specific rituals) nor spectacular trances which
are very different from a modified state of consciousness where everyone can enter and which is much more
relevant to live in order to allow us to come out of our ego, constrained by its limited scientific, religious and
spiritual beliefs.

I am convinced that the spread of these trance phenomena which are for some, the typical representation of the
“Shaman” is more prejudicial to the evolution of this shamanic work within our society. For while quantum physics
and neurosciences support and confirm the existence of an invisible reality as well as our ability to communicate
with them, is it really useful to still refer to traditions and rituals so far removed from our current way of life?
No ! Feathers do not make a Shaman!

No ! Taking psychotropic herbs does not make a Shaman!

No ! It is not necessary to go through extreme and painful initiations to be able to communicate with the Invisible.

And no ! You do not call yourself Shaman because the first lesson will always be to show humility!

It is incidentally noted that shamanic practitioners who, unlike “traditional” shamanic practitioners, work more with
Neutral Spirits, accessed by more subtle resonances and vibrations, have allowed their work to stand out of a
certain folklore, will obtain more results for their patients because they seem to be more in line with the Western,
modern way of life in which we live, bursting with its own new pathologies!

I am one shamanic practitioners who will put her “talent” (and we all have one), at the service of the community
within institutions such as hospitals, orphanages, prisons, schools, retirement homes and cemeteries. This will
only be possible if this teaching ensures relevance through its serious and rigorous approach.

For those in search of exoticism, folklore and ego-feeding, I am not her whom you seek. If, however, you wish to
embark on the Path of Recognition and Responsibility, I will always be delighted to accompany you.
The information shared on this site is the result of my experience, my practice and my own reflections which are
solely binding on me. Your personal experiences will be your best lessons!

Yours truly

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