Training by Dogane

Basic workshop

This initiation to Core Shamanism allows participants to experience Shamanic Journeying to the drum beat sound and to discover Non-Ordinary Worlds where they meet their Power Animals and Spirit Ally.
Taking the first steps within this Invisible World, from our first emotions to this magical homecoming to our Essence and to this Learning that requires flawlessness, rigor but also lightness.


Special Children’s Initiation Workshop

This workshop is intended for children and adolescents who will discover how to reunite and use this retrieved Ancestral Power in order to implement it in a fun and relevant way into their daily family, social and school life.


Extraction Healing Training

The Shamanic Tradition considers that certain energies that do not belong to us, can be lodged and crystallize in our body. Whether these presences are voluntary or not, these undesirable and destabilizing energetic intrusions must be taken into account. Through different techniques, this session will teach us to set ourselves free while unleashing these failing Spirits.

Soul Retrieval Training

According to the Shamanic Tradition, trauma, be it physical or emotional, can induce fragmentation of the soul. It is a sort of sheltering, a survival reaction of our soul which will find refuge in the Non-Ordinary Reality, on an Invisible Plane.
We may also, over time, have forsaken some parts of our Essence at the mercy, to the benefit of some people.
This work will teach us to rediscover these aspects of ourselves, to take awareness of the origins of their exclusion and to reconcile ourselves with them. We will, through specific treatments, be finally able to claim the Liberated Reunification of our Being.

Psychopomp Work

Overwhelming, delivering, mischievous, a much feared guest, Death, having no equal but Life, has never been as abused as it is today.
But what if this Sacred Passage was the final phase of learning, a last opportunity for taking awareness?
This teaching will allow us to live and honor this ineluctable and crucial moment in total awareness and serenity in order to accompany our Elders, our Dying, our “distressed” deceased in dignity, but also to prepare ourselves for our own Transition.

Legend’s Animals and Mystic Sea World’s Creatures Workshop

Two days of advanced shamanic practices that will familiarize you with the Non-Ordinary World discovered during the basic workshop and during which we will meet many of the Mythical Animals and Ancestral Guides of the Invisible World. I let their Message resound within you.
“We come from the Ancient World. In order to preserve certain hidden treasures, we have chosen to retreat to Places to this day, unveiled. We are here to Teach, Heal and Protect. The journey will depend on the purity of your intentions. In this Multidimensional Universe, We will accompany you, glad that you can once again reveal in your Matter World, your full alchemical potential. By a commitment of Mutual Allegiance, you will be honored and gratified and that through Us, with You, this Transition Wave, bears Intelligence, Knowledge and Hope. May there be Luminous Reliance!”

The Sacred Reliance Workshop

It was in the Sacred Land of Hawaii that this workshop was inspired to me to be carried forward. It tells about the bonds that connect us with other planets influencing our daily life and what we are. We will reconnect from heart to heart with these planetary bodies in order to find balance, harmony and awareness of our incarnation while actively participating in the incessant Universal Harmonization with which we are in Reliance.
A moment of Quantum Physics in a shamanic version.


Shadows and Lights Workshop

Second module of the Sacred Reliance. To introduce this workshop, I only need to quote Carl Gustav Jung: “Without thorough knowledge of ‘good and evil,’ ego and shadow, there is no recognition of the Self, but at most an involuntary and therefore dangerous identification with it.”

The Path of The Dragon Workshop

This teaching is intended for participants who have been personally summoned by such a Path.

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